A Message from the Assistant Curriculum Leader

Athletics, Physical Education & Healthy Active Living

Message from the Assistant Curriculum Leader of Physical Education, Athletics and Well-Being

As Assistant Curriculum Leader of Physical Education, Athletics and Well-Being , I have the privilege of working alongside some of our schools's most dedicated and talented staff.  We pride ourselves on providing enriching and engaging lessons for students.  We value our unique community of learners at York Humber and strive to meet the needs of all of our students on a daily basis. 

The belief within our department is that we are teaching lifelong skills and values to students in addition to exposing them to a diverse curriculum.  We embrace the needs and the abilities of all of our students and welcome the opportunity to be an integral part of their learning journey during their time at York Humber. 

The idea of wellness, fostering a positive self-image and adaptive coping strategies are fundamental principles in all of our courses.  We are committed to the academic well being of your children as well as their mental and emotional well-being.

We look forward to working with your child and assisting him or her in any way possible during his or her years at York Humber and beyond. 

Assistant Curriculum Leader: Greg Millett

416-394-3280 ext. 20030


Program Description

The primary objective of the Physical Education department at York Humber is to get students moving in a manner that is functional and purposeful and promotes physical literacy.

Students of all levels and abilities are welcomed into our program and encouraged to reach their individual best.Students engage in structured drills, games and fitness routines that seek to promote movement competence and foster a strong sense of self –esteem.We firmly believe that students utilize our diverse programs to enhance their physical well-being as well as their mental health and wellness.

Healthy active living strategies are discussed to better equip our students to manage stress, eat healthy and resolve conflict in a positive manner.Our comprehensive program emphasizes the student as a whole and promotes leadership, wellness and physical fitness.

Students are offered a wide range of athletic experiences when they are at York Humber.We are proud of the academic and athletic opportunities we can offer your son or daughter and encourage students to involve themselves in the extracurricular activities offered within our department as they foster critical skills such as teamwork, an understanding of group dynamics and leadership opportunities.

Our courses will help students develop a love of physical activity and a desire for total health that will become a way of life now and in later years.

Courses and Athletic Teams

Healthy Active Living (PPL)

Personal & Fitness Activities (PAF)




Ball Hockey

Wheelchair Hockey



Indoor Soccer

Track & Field