The Arts

The Arts

Message from the Assistant Curriculum Leader of the Arts & Literacy

As Assistant Curriculum Leader of the Arts ^ Literacy, I have the privilege of working alongside some of our schools's most dedicated and talented staff.  We pride ourselves on providing enriching and engaging lessons for students.  We value our unique community of learners at York Humber and strive to meet the needs of all of our students on a daily basis. 

The belief within our department is that we are teaching lifelong skills and values to students in addition to exposing them to a diverse curriculum.  We embrace the needs and the abilities of all of our students and welcome the opportunity to be an integral part of their learning journey during their time at York Humber. 

Students who struggle elsewhere can find a niche here and an environment that nurtures their talents and them as individuals.  Through dance, drama, creative and artistic expression as well as functional movement, we strive to challenge all of our students to reach all of their goals both inside and outside the classroom.  

The idea of wellness, fostering a positive self-image and adaptive coping strategies are fundamental principles in all of our courses.  We are committed to the academic well being of your children as well as their mental and emotional well-being.

We look forward to working with your child and assisting him or her in any way possible during his or her years at York Humber and beyond. 

Assistant Curriculum Leader: Lilah Zohar-Pittari

416-394-3280 ext. 20145

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts department aims to teach vital life skills through the disciplines of Drama, Dance and Integrated Arts. Through their work on stage and in rehearsal, students acquire skills that are invaluable in the workplace, in future academic endeavors and socially. Students learn to work cooperatively with others, to negotiate decision making, leadership and consensus building.Students develop creative and critical thinking: they learn to think on their feet, to reflect, analyze and express their thoughts.

Students build confidence and self-esteem as they learn presentation skills, experiment and explore and create. Often, students who may not always succeed in other subjects can really shine in the Performing Arts. The Performing Arts provide avenues to success that benefit the whole child physically, emotionally, academically and socially.

Visual and Media Arts

Learning through the arts is a multi-faceted experience that taps into students’ individuality and helps them gain confidence in expressing their unique point-of- view. Critical concepts of collaboration, community, culture, process, work ethic and creative thinking are woven through all of our Visual, Media and Expressing Aboriginal Cultures arts classes along with skill building.Our arts classes support and showcase student voice – a critical element in fostering a sense of belonging and self-worth in adolescents. Through the lens of the arts your daughters and sons learn to build bridges of understanding and discover ways to become productive, creative thinkers and compassionate citizens.



Drama (ADA)

Visual Arts (AVI)

Arts Media (ASM)

Aboriginal Arts (NAC)

First Canadian (KNA)

Creative Arts (KAL)