Special Education-Low Incidence

Special Education - Low Incidence

Developmental Disabilities Program

Message from the Assistant Curriculum Leader of Special Education-Low Incidence

York Humber High School is proud to support the students in our Developmental Disabilities Program and their parents/guardians. It is our goal to help your child to accomplish their personal and educational goals in a safe and positive environment.

Our Developmental Disabilities Program consists of teachers, child and youth workers, educational assistants and special needs assistants. The curriculum focuses on Communication, Social Skills, Daily Living, Functional Academics, Motor Skills and Experiential Learning. Our goal is to provide students with the skills and strategies they need to develop functional life skills. We prepare students to participate to the fullest extent possible within the school, home and community. All our students will take part in a co-op experience at an appropriate level. We also have a variety of trips planned to engage students in our community.

Assistant Curriculum Leader: Thamina.Khan

416-394-3280 ext. 20043